Kidney Patients - do you take a Holiday?

You like to go on holiday, your kidneys fail, and you may think that holidays are something you can no longer have.  This is not true.  With your doctors agreement, you can still have your holiday.  Not only you, but your family as well.  You can holiday in this country, you can holiday abroad, and you can cruise.  For more information on holiday dialysis in the UK, see Dialysis Freedom (  For more information on holiday dialysis around the world, see Global Dialysis (

Haemodyalysis Patients

There are dialysis units in many parts of the country, there are units abroad, and there are dialysis cruising holidays.  In this country there are NHS units and private units who take holiday patients and the costs are met by the NHS.  They are staffed by trained staff and private units have to conform to current regulations.  You may find minor differences to what you are used to, but that is all.  Important things to remember:

  • Plan your holiday early.  Before you can use one of the dialysis units, they need certain medical information.
  • Be flexible in the area and dates you may wish to holiday, because not all units take holiday patients or they may only take them at certain times of year.
  • Book your dialysis before you book your accommodation.
  • Not all holiday units provide transport.
  • Take out insurance to cover your holiday.

Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

PD patients are not restricted as much as haemodialysis patients with regard to holidays.  If you are APD, then you can take your machine with you.  Ensure that the electricity supply where you stay is suitable.

If you are CAPD, you are free to go where ever you like.  Regarding the fluids you require, they can be delivered to the address where you are staying.  As a general rule, if you are holidaying in the UK, there are no restrictions on the delivery of the fluids.  If you are holidaying abroad, "A" rated countries (most European countries) there are no restrictions on the delivery of fluids.  For other countries, there is a restrication of three months supply of fluids.  With holidays abroad, you need the signature of your consultant to certify that you are fit to travel.  The important things to remember are:

  • Plan your holiday early.
  • Let your home care team know when and where you are planning to go, preferably with three months notice.
  • Take out insurance to cover your holiday.

Cruising Holidays

Cruising can be enjoyed by both haemodialysis patients and PD patients.  The advice already given applies to cruising, the same as other holidays.

Please do take a holiday.  It is one of the best tonics.

Holiday information from the NKF Website:

Holiday in the UK

St Annes Holiday Dialysis Centre.
St Annes offers self catering holiday accomodation with dialysis facilities.  The perfect place for dialysis patients to get away and truly relax
St Annes Holiday Dialysis Centre, 34 Havant Road, Emsworth, Hants, PO10 7JG
Tel 01243 376514

Lakeland Dialysis Ltd
The Clinic is situated in the western lake district in a picturesque market town of Cockermouth, surrounded by scenery extending from the lakeland fells to the beautiful coastline.  Always staffed by fully qualified nephrology nurses and assistant, the clinic meets all regulations and standards set out by The Care Quality Commission.
Tel 01900 822888 

Holiday in other Countries

Bodrum, Turkey
Run by the Halikarnas Diyaliz Grup.  Holiday dialysis by the sea with a spectacular view.  Multilingual staff.  Constant medical treatment 24 hours a day.  Airport transfer / Dialysis transfer free of charge.
Tel  00 90 252 319 32 62

Freedom (Dialysis Holiday Specialists)
Looking for a relaxing beach holiday in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, a city break, cruising the world's oceans or skiing in the Alps?
Telephone: 01059 815999

If you can recommend a holiday suitable for CAPD or Haemo patients - please get in touch. Or if you have been with one of the companies shown above - let us know how you got on.