The Lincolnshire Kidney Patients Association is what it says it is: a 'Patients Association'. It is where patients decide the objectives, aims and policy of their own Association.

The Lincolnshire Kidney Patients Association was formed some years ago by kidney patients living in the County and those close to it. We have approximately 300 members in Lincolnshire. The Lincolnshire KPA has three officers: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. They are supported in their roles by a dedicated committee of about 10 people; made up of patients on dialysis, transplanted patients, patient carers, family members and some who have no connection to kidney disease.

We raise funds for Kidney Patients on home dialysis such as CAPD and APD, home haemodialysis and hospital based haemodialysis. We also raise funds for the renal units situated in the County at Lincoln, Boston and Skegness.

Lincolnshire Kidney Patients may be admitted to Leicester General Hospital, but much more often now Dr Little and the Lincoln Team will look after patients locally. Some patients may attend Patient Information Days, either at Lincoln, Boston or Stamford, and may meet a representative of the Lincolnshire Kidney Patients Association.

  • The Lincolnshire KPA actively promotes the need for more donors, promotes contact with other patients on dialysis and former patients who have had a transplant.
  • We offer advice on the practical aspects of dialysis and dealing with everyday problems.
  • We hold monthly meetings.
  • We organise the free delivery of a quarterly magazine produced by the National Kidney Federation, 'Kidney Life' to whom we are full members.
  • We send out our own local Newsletter 4 times a year to all our members.
  • We raise funds in a variety of ways to help financially with any hardships our members may face.
  • We raise our funds by holding jumble sales, car boot sales, raffles, tombola stalls and attend local fetes, galas, etc.
  • We can offer travel grants, holiday grants and host of other benefits to kidney patients and their families.

The Lincs KPA can help:

  • If you are in Hospital in Leicester with a grant towards the cost of traveling for your loved ones; so they can visit you there.
  • We may be able to help if you require a drip stand or table to carry out CAPD dialysis at home.
  • Holiday Grants.
  • If you are in need of storage space for dialysis fluids.
  • Supply information on many subjects to do with renal care.
  • Offer practical advice on the problems of dialysis.
  • We also encourage and promote contacts between patients; for example if you want to talk to someone who is or who has been through what you are experiencing.

The Lincolnshire KPA can help in many ways too numerous to list here; so if we can help please contact us. Membership of the Lincs KPA is free to any kidney patient or the family of any kidney patient living or having dialysis in Lincolnshire.  Unlike some other KPAs, the Lincolnshire KPA does not employ anyone and all the work is done by dedicated volunteers. If you can help with anything; please contact the Chairman or Secretary.